Creation Station Exmouth

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe lovely Sam at Creation Station Exmouth very kindly invited me and both my girls along to a session with her last Friday at Ocean on the seafront in Exmouth.

I’ve never been one for messy play and I’m really not very creative so I was looking forward to someone else taking the lead and letting my girls get their hands dirty, literally!

On this occasion, Sam’s class wasn’t at full capacity and so she was able to put on creative activities for the babies and for the older children (my daughters are 1 and 3). Classes are usually for just the one age group, allowing Sam to concentrate on age-appropriate activities for them. Both girls were given waterproof all-in-one suits to wear to protect their clothes – note to parents, wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty as there’s no grown up waterproof suit! If you have a baby to chase after, you’ll be covered by the end, but thankfully in washable paint.

My baby was invited to crawl and splodge through paint and foam all over a roll of paper taped down onto a waterproof floor cover. The baby was quick to show that she wasn’t used to this messy play thing at all and spent the first ten minutes just smiling at the paint and admiring it from afar before crawling around the wet stuff and touching none of it. With a bit of encouragement from me (sitting her in the paint) she went on to create quite the masterpiece, only eating a little paint along the way. Later, footprints and handprints and any other bit of smudged paint that looked remotely artistic were cut out and tied to a mobile made of ice cream sticks and voila, we had a fantastic hanging decoration to show for our work!


During this time, Sam had been working with my older daughter encouraging her to be creative in a different way. She painted a lovely picture which was then used to create a sail for a sailboat she made from modelling clay, buttons, painted matchsticks and a lot of glitter. She was so proud of her creation.


Sam was great with both of my girls, encouraging them to get their hands dirty and unleash their creativity. If you do like a bit of messy play and like crafts I would recommend talking to Sam to find the right class for you. Crafty adults will enjoy finishing off their kid’s projects or adding embellishments to crafts made by the little ones – everyone can get involved!

Hosting Creation Station at Ocean in Exmouth was ideal to make more of a morning of it. You get a discounted entry to soft play and so the kids can burn off some energy in there while you enjoy coffee and cake. Perfect.

Sam, thank you – we had lots of fun.



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