Lyme Regis

We had a lovely road trip out to Lyme Regis today. The weather was overcast when we left so a good time for a trip to the beach when you’ve got young children as it’s not too busy and it’s not too sunny. Obviously, as it’s Devon, the sun shone in the afternoon and so it became a little too sunny and a quite busy within no time!

In a last minute rush down to the impromptu decision to go, I pulled together a very quick and a very basic picnic using the leftovers from our daughter’s first birthday yesterday. Thankfully the fridge was full of picnic-friendly food!

It’s only a half hour drive from where we live in Ottery St Mary and a very picturesque journey down country lanes. The girls enjoyed the treat of seeing the Seaton Tramway pass by when we were stopped at the crossing. Note to self: pick a day to travel by Seaton Tramway!

Parking was easy, we found a carpark up the hill but still very central to the shops and the sea was in sight (do you shout ‘I can see the sea’ when it appears on the horizon or is that just us?). There was more parking down on the sea front but only with limited spaces. The parking metre in the car park we used accepted coins but also the RingGo app – essential for us as we never seem to be carrying the right change.

Be prepared for the hill – hold on tight to the buggy/wheelchair on the way down and prepare for quite the push on the way back up! We spotted public toilets down by the seafront but didn’t use them so can’t comment on accessibility I’m afraid.

I loved the selection of shops in Lyme Regis – plenty of independents and plenty of the brands that I love. Along the seafront there’s an array of ice cream shops and bars and further down towards the sandy part of the beach there’s an arcade, trampolining for the kids, kayak hire and more.


The esplanade was wide enough to fit the people wandering up and down it but also to park your buggy right on the edge of the pavement and to sit next to it just down on the stones. It provides a great little seat then too for those of us who aren’t too flexible and able to sit on the ground.

We had a brief walk around, picnicked on the stone beach hoping to avoid seagulls stealing our sandwiches and then enjoyed an ice cream whilst admiring the coast. A little walk back to the car, popping in to browse some of the shops and it was back to the car in time for the girls to nap on the way home.


There’s obviously so much more to see but for today, it was a lovely addition to our list of #DevonAdventures had.



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